fallout new vegas repconn headquarters hidden door

REPCONN headquarters was the home office of REPCONN Aerospace (Rocket Engineering and Production COmpaNy of Nevada), located in Henderson. Poseidon Energy's mole, Julia Masters, was tasked with intercepting the prototype on its way to the Department of Defense. * One sounds like it belongs if mentioned on the news, and make news it did... featuring REPCONN's plasma engine, it was soooo newsworthy that we decided to take the Quantum Matter Modulation unit out and see if we could use it for non-explosive uses. REPCONN Headquarters - In the northwest room of the 1st floor, the room with the Q-35. It is on top of a safe in the corner. REPCONN headquarters is located in the same geographical area as the real world PEPCON (Pacific Engineering and Production Company of Nevada), a chemical plant formerly located in Henderson, Nevada, which produced ammonium perchlorate, an oxidizer used in solid propellant rocket boosters. The card unlocks the door on the right as soon as the player character enters the building. In this room head through the hole in the wall, turn left and the final door in the building is between the file cabinet and bookshelf. Hidden Valley 84. Although the fact was detected by the company's information services, no concrete evidence could be located to take official action against such industrial espionage. Hidden door 11: Turn around and head down through the bathroom, step through the hole in the wall and it's along the right wall. I have no idea if it is the same with the consoles. There is a tour guide REPCONN robot that will greet the player character upon entering the facility. Anomanderuselnu 10 Posted October 28, 2010. Members; 10 1,479 posts; Share; Posted October 28, … There is a door that leads to a room "REPCONN Office Main Floor" that requires a keycard to access. The hardest of which are two Very Hard locked terminals and one Very Hard locked door. The location consists of the remains of the pre-War REPCONN (Rocket Engineering Production Company of Nevada) Aerospace test plant, along with its landmark rocket launch dome. New Vegas may not be the biggest adventure in the Fallout franchise but that doesn't mean it's not still chock full of hidden locations. Office main floor map, with hidden sentry bot rooms, Display of the Solar System in REPCONN headquarters, Radioactive barrels and plasma containers on display, REPCONN launch facility, "Green Bean" and "Big Fat Fiery Fred" on display, Terminal room, first room on the left after entering, Two dead Brotherhood paladins, top floor (, REPCONN billboard seen in the loading screens. Along with the keycard, the player character can use the facial recognition database computer in the room behind the locked door the Fiend corpses are in front of, to bypass the security robots. It is in the same room as the terminal where the third-floor executive pass can be printed. It makes the same sound as, Before or during the tour by the tour guide, the robot can be asked about the history of REPCONN. ". REPCONN Headquarters (Floors 1-3)----Average-Very Hard-----7. This note refers to the Very Hard difficulty wall terminal at REPCONN HQ that holds the Q-35 matter modulator plasma rifle. I passed a speach check I think and a luck check once... after that I just walked around and the robots did nothing... nothing at all. * Interplanetary mining and resource rights still in negotiation. Uploaded by ciaranm758. Tour guideSentry botsMister Handies In the north eastern corner of the level, on a desk next to a terminal [Very Easy] from which you can add your facial data to the database for the 2nd floor. REPCONN headquarters ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Sloan 83. Followers Outpost 87. REPCONN headquarters was the home office of REPCONN Aerospace (Rocket Engineering and Production COmpaNy of Nevada), located in Henderson. It is a massive, wide-open RPG in a post-apocalyptic world. However, even if the mobile facial recognition scanners do start a conversation with the player character, if they manage to kill the combatants while staying hidden then quickly rushing out, the alarm will still not be triggered. In doing so, the maintenance and scanner bots can be destroyed with no impact on Karma. REPCONN Headquarters Fallout: New Vegas. Share Share Tweet Email. 000e5a84 RepconHQ01 REPCONN Office Main Floor. This is Fallout NV on the PC. Where do you find the key for the 2nd floor of the broadcast building at Black Mountain? Other REPCONN Headquarters - In the northwest room of the 1st floor, the room with the Q-35. Hidden Valley - Inside the infirmary, in the trash next to Schuler's desk. Exploring the Mojave: From the 188 Trading Post to REPCONN Headquarters Fallout: New Vegas. All employees were required to wear identification badges at all times, lest they be harmed by the security system. Cottonwood Cove 86. 25 Hidden Locations In Fallout New Vegas Even Super Fans Haven’t Found . Fallout: New Vegas is the follow-up to Bethesda's critically acclaimed Fallout 3.

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